The Tale of Two Cities 雙城記 

This work is created based on exploring locations by walking, examining the specific effects of the geographical environment on an individual's emotions and behaviour.

By juxtaposing two works, it shows the feeling and emphasis when I am walking on the street.


Left : Argyle Street in Hong Kong
Right : Argyle Street in London


.   .   .    

Outcome :

zine 1 

The work focuses on how people use the street and their state of walking. I noticed that people on Argyll street keep moving, they don’t stop. The street connects Oxford street and Liberty, so,  "transit" seems to be the main function of this street.

Transparent tracing paper is used because I would like to create overlapping images. It can refer to the overlapping of people's "orbit" of their walking and always respond to the messiness of the street. Also, it represents different human activities that are happening at the same time in the same space.

Content of the book :

The are f l o a t i n g on devices.
The faster we walk, the more ground we lost.
To walk abroad is, not with eyes,
But THOUGHTS, the field to see and prize.
It's only ideas gained from walking
have any WORTH.

zine 2

Argyle Street (HK) - The work focuses on my memories towards the street. Sound of traffic lights intrigues memories about social movements that had happened in this street. It shows the linkage between myself, the street and history of Hong Kong.

digital print on tracing paper
size : A6

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