The Tale of Two Cities 雙城記 

This is a project inspired by walking around London and to explore the relationship between human and urban.

I used transparent tracing paper for my book which I intended to create an overlapping of images. It can be refer to the overlapping of people's "orbit" of their walking and always respond to the messiness of the street. Also, it represents different human activities that happening at the same time in the same space.




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Outcome :

zine 1 

Content of the book :

The are f l o a t i n g on devices.
The faster we walk, the more ground we lost.
To walk abroad is, not with eyes,
But THOUGHTS, the field to see and prize.
It's only ideas gained from walking
have any WORTH.

zine 2

Content of the book :

digital print on tracing paper
size : A6

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