Motion graphic for “Short Story Long” 漫漫長短
A film by Carrie Shen
28 mins

預告片 Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oI69FXLt9M

電影概要  Synopsis :

In the aftermath of the social movement in 2019, a large number of Hong Kongers immigrated to the United Kingdom. This film documents conversations between five pairs of strangers. They are separated by distance, yet connected by the same artistic pursuit in art, drama, film, literature, and music. As the seasons change, those who stay behind face further challenges to create art outside of the mainstream while the walls continue to close in on them. However, no future is guaranteed even if they leave. Flipping through pages of Hong Kong and London, the participating artists talk to each other in their mother tongue with implications perhaps only they will truly understand. Among the most familiar yet unfamiliar places—a bridge, a rooftop, a cafe and a station, as different as night and day, they reveal their hesitation or expectation, disappointment or comfort, sorrow or possibly even a change of heart as the first light seeps into the sky.

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