Alter Ego
illustration | ceramic | paper cutting

This is a project explores my innerself. My mask is  inspired by Japanese Noh mask which emotions are shown when light shines on different surface of the mask.

This project is inspired by Noh mask, which is used in Traditional Japanese Theatre. Noh mask is made to be emtionless, yet, when the actor rotate their head, different angle of light shining on the mask shape the emotions of the character which I feel like I share the same character of thr mask.

People always said I have a resting bitch face and not approachable when they first met me and I always look emtionless. In fact, I am not the kind of person that good at social with other people and always express myself. I actually have lots of feeling and thought inside my mind and brain, I am just not good at expressing it. Expressing myself is always a hard topic for me and I have been learning how to improve for so much years. Although I look like cool and emotionless, there is feeling underneath my face.
Final Design of the mask

I studied the facial expression of Noh mask and use them to represent different feelings that I have and develop my mask. You can see different face and emotion when turn the mask.

Putting up the banner of all of our mask.


Aftering restudying the mask project, I turned my mask into ceramic. I chose to use ceremic because its process need to be peaceful and a lot of patient is required, it likes a time to talk with my inner soul again.

Size : 13(w)cm x 5(d)cm x 14(h)cm

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